Thursday, March 10, 2022

Nerf Score Keeping | Score Keeping for Nerf

Score Keeping Target
With Nerf Score Keeping ...You Will Always Know and See the Score of Any Nerf Game!

With Blaster Shot 2 Way Score Keeping You will always know who is shooting and what they are hitting!

Here's Why 2 Way Score Keeping Was Created....

If You are a Spectator watching a Nerf Game sometimes.... It's just hard to follow the game like you would a game of Football, Basketball or Baseball... because there is no way to tell who got hit or who did not
or   How well is the team you are following is actually doing is the only problem with Nerf....there is no actual mark when a player is hit.

Until now.....

Nerf  Gun Score Keeping by Sure Shots includes a electronic Score Keeping Vest that helps protect the player while at the same time counts and records every hit to a player and then shows the hit data on a Smart Phone, Tablet or the Internet. -- In Real Time!

A Nerf Gun Score Keeping System can make Nerf Games more spectator friendly and exciting!

With our Nerf Score Keeping... you can pull up Scores on your phone, tablet or the internet  See Nerf Score Board

If you have any Questions about Electronic Score Keeping for Nerf, Reball or Airsoft ... Call 304-893-6286 or Email Us!  

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